1. Ale a. Altbier
    b. Kölsch
    c. Belgian Blonde/Pale Ale
    d. Belgian Tripel
    e. Belgian Strong Pale Ale
    f. Belgian IPA
    g. Saison
    h. Biére De Garde
    i. American Pale Ale
    j. American Strong Pale Ale
    k. Session IPA
    l. American IPA
    m. Imperial IPA
    n. New England IPA
    o. English Pale Ale/ESB and Best/Special Bitter
    p. English IPA
    q. English Barley Wine
    r. American Barley Wine
    s. Mild
    t. Old Ale
    u. Irish Red Ale
    v. Scottish Ale and Wee heavy
    w. Belgian Style Dubbel
    x. Belgian Strong Dark Ale
    y. Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA, India Black Ale)
    z. American Brown/Amber Ale
  2. Lager a. Alcohol Free (up to 0.50% ABV)
    b. Vienna Lager
    c. Märzen a Oktoberfestbier
    d. Helles Bock/Maibock
    e. Traditional Bock
    f. Doppelbock/Eisbock
    g. Helles
    h. German Pils
    i. Bohemian Pilsner
    j. Strong Pale Lager
    k. New Age Lager
    l. Pale Lager (European/American lager)
    m. Dunkel
    n. Schwarzbier
  3. Stout & Porter a. Dry Stout
    b. Extra Stout
    c. Imperial Stout
    d. Oatmeal Stout
    e. Sweet/Milk Stout
    f. Porter
    g. Baltic Porter
  4. Wheat & Rye beer a. Kristal-weizen
    b. German style hefe-weizen
    c. Dunkelweizen
    d. Weizenbock
    e. American style wheat beer
    f. Witbier
    g. Roggenbier
  5. Sour Beer a. Lambic
    b. Geuze
    c. Kriek, Framboise and other fruit lambics
    d. Oud Bruin and Flanders red ale
    e. Berliner Weisse
    f. Gose
    g. Other sour beers
  6. Flavoured Beer a. Fruit, honey, chocolate and coffee beer
    b. Herb and spice beer c. Radler
  7. Smoked Beer a. Smoked Lager
    b. Smoked Ale/Porter
    c. Grodziskie/Grätzer